Elevate Your Business, Well-being, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Relationships & Self-love

Imagine whom would you be if you always showed up for yourself instead of feeling lost, stuck, or confused?

How would your life be different if you had more freedom, autonomy, control, and direction
If you achieved clarity, success, and impact, how would your world change?

How would it feel to own the tools that will elevate your life and business with instant, powerful, and lasting changes for success?

Not sure how to accomplish any of this? 

I am here to help you achieve your full potential in everything you do in life by guiding you to find clarity and direction.

Together, we will elevate your businesswell-being, personal growth, spirituality, relationships & self-love, to new levels of success and fulfilment
Don’t be afraid to dream big. You can have it all.


I am Nina Dali - Empowerment Coach, trained in Psychotherapy, Business & Economics, and Holistic Relationship Counselling.


I am so happy to meet you here. 
Well-being, Personal Growth, Branding, Business, Writing, Spirituality, Self-love & Relationships, are my passions. And I love books.

I am extremely passionate about empowering people like you to discover more possibilities.  

Having an intuitive nature, I have a gift for seeing the bigger picture. Bringing clarity and unity to multidimensional passionate people is my area of genius.

 I help you get crystal clear and discover your missing pieces and what's preventing you from living your soul's purpose life.


Let's create your magical elevation to feel Empowered, Complete & Whole. 

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Numerous coaches have misunderstood my multidimensional passion for creating as a lack of focus. I am simply curious about everything and see opportunities everywhere, which was overlooked by many.

My life experiences, alongside my passion for so many multi dimensional aspects of business, have helped me realise that leading others is one of the biggest opportunities I've ever had.

My journey led me to the realization that I wanted to become a very successful Transformational Coach.


I wanted to be an inspiration to people: I wanted someone to look at me and say, “Thanks to you, I didn’t give up."


This is where BE MORE YOU was born, a platform for the purpose of personal and professional growth, with a variety of programs to help you dive into your greatest self.

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