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From Breakup to Breakthrough

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There will be excruciating moments in your life that will change your entire world in a split second. These moments will change you - just like they changed me.
They can change you for the better. Let them make you stronger, more loving, and more compassionate.

This knowledge has allowed me to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles more than once. My story is evidence of the innate power and inspiration we all possess to live boldly, passionately, and thoroughly.
You may feel challenged by this, but I say this with the utmost love – I have altered from feeling so depressed that I didn’t want to get out of bed to cultivating the life I have always wanted. So can you.
There is no legitimate excuse for you not to overcome any limitations that have held you back from achieving everything you want for your life.

For years, I had multiple reasons for wanting to change my life, but it was my painful breakup in 2019 that ultimately triggered my spiritual awakening. My deep pain became the perfect catalyst for me to begin my journey of healing and self-growth
This breakup was the final straw. I couldn’t ignore my need to heal anymore. So, I made it my top priority to recover and reclaim my power.
As I started envisioning mastering myself and my future, my perceptions of what was possible for me and my life began to change
My heart longed to wake up. I had not been living, I had been existing… and I was done with a halfway life. 

I was choosing a new path, one of self-discovery, self-love, and self-fulfilment.

This journey of my transformation has been anything but easy. First, of course, I shed a lot of tears. But every time I cried, I comforted myself.
I somehow managed to tell myself that the tears flowing were cleansing my heart, so I knew I was closer to healing my heart every time I cried. 

Today I know that my soul was calling me to make a drastic change in my life – to follow my passion for businessspirituality, intuition, and the journey of the soul purpose. This realization has not only guided my personal journey but has also shaped my entrepreneurial path, leading to completely transform my business.

Now, I look back with immense gratitude for the incredible gifts that time bestowed upon me. 
I would do all of this over again in a heartbeat, just to experience the incredible insights and growth I gained on this journey.
Without this painful experience, I may not have discovered my spiritual path and may not have had the opportunity to develop into the person I am today. 
Nothing happens to you. Everything happens to you. Everything happens from you. Through you. For you. And you can choose what to do with it.

Much love,
Nina x

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From Breakup to Breakthrough

The Power of Inspiration.jpg
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