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Mind, body and soul in balance

Our mind, body and soul are all connected. When one of these factors are off balance, our whole body will feel it on some level. Emotions can cause physical symptoms, spiritual disharmony can cause emotional systems and so on.

To be in complete health and harmony, our being needs to be in balance. While there are many things you can do to achieve this, here is one suggestion for each “body” that you can do every day.

Even though these suggestions are quick and easy, they can go a long way in helping you to restore balance, peace and harmony within your entire being.

When we think about health, diet and exercise are typically the first things that come to mind. However, good health isn't just about the physical body. Our mind and body are interconnected and affect each other tremendously.

For example, a stressful situation causing negative thoughts can lead to physical pain or illness. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between your mind, body, and soul by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

There are many things you can do in your daily life to achieve overall wellness. Here are some simple ways to begin cultivating a mind-body-soul balance.

1. Read and learn often. Your education shouldn’t stop once you’re out of school. Open your mind to new possibilities, beliefs, and interests by reading, taking online classes, watching documentaries, and attending workshops.

2. Meditate regularly. Meditation improves memory, attention, mood, immune system function, sleep, and creativity. All it takes is a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits.

3. Practice yoga. Yoga is amazing for your overall health. It helps you build strength, coordination, and flexibility while calming your mind. It also encompasses the mind-body-soul connection.

4. Avoid sitting for extended periods of time. Try to stand or move around while you work, if possible. Too much sitting is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and a shortened lifespan.

5. Get at least 15 minutes of moderate to fast-paced exercise each day. Live close to work? Walk or ride your bike on nice days. Exercise is important for heart health, physical stamina, and mood.

6. Spend time outside. Now is the perfect time of year for hiking, boating, picnics, outdoor sports, foraging for wild foods, camping, and much more!

7. Add more plant-based foods to your diet. Eating lots of vegetables and fruit can help prevent chronic disease. Shop your local farmer’s market for fresh, in-season produce.

8. Get involved in a volunteer organization or activism group. Use your voice or your talents to do some good in the world. We’re all connected, and it’s incredible to experience that connectedness when we work toward a common goal.

9. Fuel your passions. Set aside some time each day to do what makes your soul happy. Many of us work so much that we forget how great it feels to paint, dance, make music, write, garden, or swim.

10. Listen to music often. And sing along or dance!

11. Be grateful. Take some time each day to write or think about the things you’re grateful for, like family, friends, pets, food, shelter, health, or the beauty of nature.

12. Be kind to everyone. This includes yourself!

13. Get enough sleep each night. And remember that you're never too old for naps.

14. Detoxify your beauty routine. Switch to natural products.

15. Find a career path that is meaningful to you. Chase your dreams, not riches.

16. Let go of the little things. If something won't matter tomorrow, don't let it ruin today.

17. Slow down. A little rest and relaxation when you’re used to spending lots of time on the go can replenish your mind and body.

18. Stop people pleasing. There’s a difference between being kind and being a doormat. If you spend too much time worrying about what others will think, you’ll lose yourself and end up feeling miserable.

19. Laugh often. If you take life to seriously, you're going to miss out on a whole lot of good times.

20. Travel and learn about other cultures. Do this as much as you can!

21. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Learn from the past, but don't let it destroy you.

With a little bit of attention to your own self-care, the fog will lift. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. You’ll delight in small pleasures, and nothing will seem quite as difficult as it did before.

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