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Tap to your intuition

“Intuition is your purest and truest sense - it is the deepest feelings in your heart and soul.” – Nina Dali

Have you ever gotten news that knocked you to the ground? Where you felt like the air was stolen right out of your chest, and you might never breathe again?

That’s how I felt when the doctor first prescribed medication for my depression due to an unexpected breakup.

It hit me so hard. Like a ton of bricks. Like a train going 70 miles per hour. I knew, deep in my heart, that I didn’t want the pills. It wasn’t an option. Non-negotiable.

Ever since that day, I have been deeply grateful that I followed my intuition, which is one of my strongest assets. I feel very blessed that I am able to use my intuition so well. The more you listen to your intuition, the more you develop and become stronger.

Through listening to my intuition, I chose to find help through other mentors and leaders, not in a bottle.

Your intuition is your gut reaction and immediate understanding of the world. You don’t have to analyse it or discuss it with others - you just know. Your intuition shows up as a feeling in your body, usually in your stomach. It is a completely personal feeling, that differs from person to person.

No one else can know how you intuitively feel about a situation, because it is highly personal. Being able to rely on that instinct and make decisions using your intuition is the ultimate act of trust in yourself.

Listening to your intuition is a great way to avoid unhealthy relationships and situations. Throughout your life, everyone will have an opinion about your life. Some people will come from a place of love and good intentions, but others will try to harm or deceive you. It can be hard to tell where those people stand, and that’s where your intuition comes in.

However, trusting your gut is not always as easy as it sounds. Our sense of intuition is deeply instinctual and still lies within us, even if it has been dormant for years.

I was blessed to be naturally in touch with my intuition. I don’t struggle to find answers to my questions and can trust my gut. But when I lost that connection a few years ago, it took a process of slowing down and clearing my mind to get it back.

Being able to slow down gives your mind and body the opportunity to process information and emotions. You must intentionally give space for your intuition to dwell. Being able to shift your perspective away from distractions gives your intuition the space to focus on what truly matters. If you are struggling to make that space, consider trying meditation, yoga, mindful breathing exercises, or other calming and recentring processes.

Our intuition is deeply rooted in how we feel, the sensations within our body. Being able to recognize those feelings is critical to developing and using your intuition. This is more than just putting a name to an emotion, but also noticing your body’s reaction to that emotion.

At first, simply pay attention to the feelings that pass through your body in response to different situations. Consider participating in a guided body scan meditation, where you can learn to recognize and feel the different areas of your body. Pay close attention to your breathing, muscle tension, and heart rate as you practice these skills. That information is key to understanding how your body reacts to stressors.

Being able to reconnect with your intuition takes time, but gradually building that trust is so important. Remember that no matter what separated you from your intuition, you can always rebuild that trust with yourself and gain it back. This process is a journey, and your intuition is like a muscle. It will take time to strengthen it, but through meaningful practice and frequent use, it will become powerful and better serve you in its purpose.

Trust your intuition and inner voice. Those feelings reflect the true you and your real desires.

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