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Your Attitude Determines How You Experience The World

It is the way you react to certain things. An attitude that creates joy is one in which you interpret what happens to you through the filter of joy. Your attitude and outlook act like a filter. When you have a positive, optimistic outlook, it filters out the negative and denser experiences.

Your attitude is the words you use when you talk to yourself. Perhaps you have just succeeded in achieving a goal you have wanted to accomplish. A joyful attitude says, ‘Congratulations, job well done.’ If your joyful self speaks words of praise it helps you bring more of the same to yourself. Attitudes are magnetic and every moment you spend in joy magnetizes another moment of joy. Joyful, light emotions are always more powerful in their ability to create than negative emotions.

Stability comes from an attitude of balance. When this happen to you, your response to them creates your inner balance. If a friend is having problems and you respond by feeling angry or sad, you have moved away from your own centre and allowed your friend’s energy to affect you.

As you begin to create more balance and stability in your life, you will be able to observe when you are affected by other people’s problems. It is most noticeable when those problems have no impact on your life, do not affect you directly, and yet you are still depressed or upset. Observe those situations in which your balance is disturbed by another’s lack of balance. The next step is to tell yourself that you can keep your balance, that you are not dependent upon others responding in a balanced way for you to remain centred and balanced.

Many of you have allowed yourselves to respond in an unstable or insecure way when someone around you is acting that way. When someone is speaking to you about something you did wrong, or accusing you of something, instead of feeling angry you can choose to keep your sense of balance even though the other person is not able to do so.

As his energy comes into you and you begin to feel it unbalancing you, see that you are resonating with that unbalanced part in him. To stop responding in this way, send him love. As you do so you reassert your own balance and connect with your higher self. The ability to see all situations, people and events from a positive perspective will help you to rise out of the mass thought forms and the denser levels of energy, onto your path of joy.

You can bring to those you associate with the belief that everything happens for their good. It is common to hear people complain, speak of being victims, or go on and on about the negative things that have happened to them. Most speaking and communication – on TV, in conversations in restaurants, buses and public places – centres around what is wrong and bad.

A way of thinking and relating to others has developed that has strong overtones of righteousness, of right and wrong, and the emphasis is usually on what is wrong. This has at its root your system of polarities, where something is either good or bad, positive or negative, up or down.

Changing negatives into positives is part of the propagation of the belief in higher good. In many ways your past acts as an anchor until you release and let go of any negative beliefs about it or memories of it. Some of you have relationships from the past you feel you did not handle in the best way you could. Maybe there is an old hurt in your heart or a feeling of being let down.

You can go back and change negative memories by looking at the gifts people had for you and seeing the good you did for them. You then can telepathically transmit forgiveness and love to those people at whatever age they were when you knew them. You will heal yourself and others by doing this. The healing will occur in present time also, and erase any projection of negative patterns into your future.

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