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Inspirational Quotes

Yoga at Home

"When you are able to live as a whole beautiful being with contentment and happiness, you don't need to rely on external validation and love."

"A great leader is someone who inspires the people around them to achieve their dreams with authenticity and ambition."

"When life gives us the same painful experiences over and over again, it is asking us to recognise and heal the wounds."

"There is comfort in the familiarity of where you have been, but there is happiness in the unknown of the future."

"Mindfulness is more than just meditation and journaling - it's a way of living." 

"Empaths have the ability to detect, feel, and understand the energy in the world and people around them, which is an incredible gift." 

"Acting without listening to your intuition can lead your life on a more difficult path."

"Never give up, no matter how difficult the situation is. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." 

"Desire is what gets you started. A daily habits is what keeps you going."

"Your business growth is the reflection of your personal growth and personal development."

"Standing in the way of your dreams and goals are unprocessed emotions."

"When we experience a deep emotional wound, we never heal until we forgive."

"Small changes to your daily habits will lead your life in a completely new direction." 

"You need to spend time with people that fit into your ideal future, rather than your past."

"You can't succeed and get results without action."

"Sometimes, we feel cries deep in our heart. These cries and pain come from deep wounds to our inner child."

"You are required to take responsibility for your life." 

"No one is like you, and that is what makes you powerful."

"People will hurt you until you are fully healed. In reality, you are the only person hurting yourself."

"Evolution is all about moving forward into unknown territory. It is impossible to evolve and grow in familiar territory."

“Intuition is your purest and truest sense - it is the deepest feelings in your heart and soul.”

"Magic happens when you turn your pain into creativity."

"Don't wait to become the person you have always wanted, because future never comes."

“Growth and change can be painful. But neither is quite so painful as knowing that you are stuck somewhere, falling short of your true potential.”

“Gratitude is simply cultivating a genuine appreciation for what we already have.”

"Never forget that who you become is the most important factor in your quality of life, both now and in your future."

"The only hurdles between one person and another are the complex emotions in our hearts and the limiting beliefs in our heads."

"We are all at different stages of the same journey."

"You are ultimately responsible to become who you were meant to be."

"You can create, invent, and experience anything with just a thought. What you think, you become."

"Train your mind, because a strong mindset is your biggest asset."

"Only powerful actions and daily habits will create an extraordinary life."

“Feel what you need to feel and then take a deep breath and let it go.”

“When we allow fear to hold us back from achieving our goals, we condemn ourselves to a lifetime of wondering what could have been.”

“Empathy means having compassion for another person with all your heart and soul.”

“Being an inspiration for others might be one of the most blessed and incredible feelings ever.”

“Be truly yourself and demonstrate the world your darkness and your light, your vulnerability and your super power.”

“The simplest way to live your truth is to leave the expectations of other behind and live the way you feel most worthwhile.”

“Leaving the past behind doesn’t mean you forget about the past, it just means that part of your life is over. Gracefully let go and move on.”

"Stop romancing your past. Start believing and creating your future."

"The deeper the conversation is, the more real we become: authentic, open, vulnerable, and truthful."

"Nobody can force you to be happy - happiness comes from within. Choose happiness that comes from within, and you will be happy forever."

"Go and do what you were created to do."

"There is an opportunity for transformation and growth in every disappointment."

"Believe in your vision and do everything you can to turn it into reality."

"Loneliness is not the absence of people. Loneliness is the absence of purpose."

"Everything in your life is a growing opportunity."

"Not only we can kindly detach from other people and take care of ourselves, it's our essential responsibility in life to do that."

"You are enough just the way God has created you. You are enough. You have always been enough. And you will always be enough."

"Embracing every aspect of ourselves, the good and the bad, will lead us to the brightest and best version of ourselves."

"To fall in love with another person, you must be in love with yourself first and foremost."

"Every transformation begins with first powerful step: commitment. Nothing of value comes without effort and commitment."

"Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to hurt other people."

"If someone tells you they aren't ready, trust them. They aren't ready for you. Respect that and move on."

"Don't be afraid to dream big. You can have it all."

“A life without purpose is the creation of a meaningless story."

"Kindness is having the ability to speak with love, listen with patience, and act with compassion."

"Everything you will ever become is already locked inside you. Your strength, your brilliance, your power, and your influence. All of it is sitting within your soul, waiting to be released."

"As you create thoughts, imagine dreams, and visualise your desires, you manifest the future you have always craved."

"Be the energy you want to attract."

"The deeper the conversation is, the more real we become: authentic, open, vulnerable, and truthful."

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