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Living in higher purpose

Higher purpose is a stream of energy you join when you create something that serves mankind or your own spiritual evolution. Without higher purpose you are a wanderer, roaming around, taking various paths with many potential wrong turns and lost time.

With higher purpose, you can choose every moment, knowing what to do with the hour, the day, and the week. It allows you to grow and evolve rapidly in this lifetime.

Everyone on earth has a higher purpose. You came to earth to be part of a system of energy that deals with emotions, personality, and thoughts, that involves seeing what is inside of you reflected in the outside world. You did this, so you could create and see around you who you are. There are other universes in which forms come and go more quickly. Almost the minute they are thought of, they appear and disappear.

Things move more slowly here. Time is literally slowed down so you can focus on certain things. You segmented yourself into a certain time frame called birth to death, and are working on specific energies. I am speaking of the larger framework of the universe, for on a universe scale, the earth plane is very slow.

The wave of the note is very long, so that you can experience matter. From that perspective, you want to evolve upward to the highest frequency of this note, so you may go on to other places where the rules change. There are places where you are more a pure energy being, unbound by the concrete world of time, space and matter.

Here your thoughts create and become reality. It could be said yours is a world of frozen thoughts. It takes longer to create form, and for some of you, even longer to let it go. Because time on this planet is slow, you must practice economy of energy, and that is one of the reasons it may seem to take so long to create what you want.

If your focus on having something, you can go straight to it with purpose. It may still be a matter of years before you reach your goals, for you who are authors, or into physical training, but having a higher purpose saves time.

The more you have a purpose, the less you waste energy, and the faster you can go higher. Ultimately, higher purpose is spiritual evolution. The new home, the finished book is not the goal of growth.

But the process by which you create these things and the growth it gives you – the new skills you acquire, the insights, the opening of your heart when you love, the new appreciation for beauty your garden gives you when the flowers come up, the feelings that you have when you finish a project, the focus and concentration when you work – this is higher purpose, this is evolution.

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