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Is fear holding you back from living the life you deserve?

“When we allow fear to hold us back from achieving our goals, we condemn ourselves to a lifetime of wondering what could have been.” – Nina Dali

At every moment - and especially during challenging times - each of us must make an imperative choice.

Are we going to react out of fear or do we choose instead to choose faith as our guide? While fear can be an effective messenger that alerts us to pay attention, faith provides us with strength, confidence, and reassurance to us.

Surrendering to faith is an act of courage. It's saying, "Even though I feel scared or I'm not sure where I'm going, I trust that all will turn out in my highest and best interests." When we make choices rooted in faith, we trust that there's a power, an unseen force, guiding us. Faith gives us the ability to look beyond our immediate circumstances and imagine brave new choices for the future.

In some areas of our lives we can be fearless and bold, but in others, the truly important ones, we let our fear rule us and hold us back from living the life we truly want and deserve.

When we are gripped by doubt and fears, they can feel strong, overwhelming, and unique to us.

We feel we have to believe them because we don’t realize everyone feels these things - even incredibly successful people - and we can actually choose not to give in to them.

When we look at our lives, the root of all of our pain is founded in fear. Fear is the pain in our stomach. Fear holds us back from acting. Fear keeps us from pursuing our dreams.

Fear makes us judge others and ourselves. Fear creates an us-versus-them mentality in an attempt to feel safe. Fear keeps us from acknowledging and accepting change. Fear holds us back from joy. Fear restricts our living. If you follow anything causing you pain right now, at its base you can find a fear.

Perspective is everything. We often feel doubt and fear when we are fixated on our current situation. The longer we focus on our concerns, the more intense they appear.

Remember, no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress is, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

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